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Ac radiater fan


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Lads I was bleeding the clutch left a mini torch in between radiater for more light and forgot about it drove around for a few hours before realizing what I had done 

when I took it out there seems to be no damage done but before when I pressed ac button inside car one of the fans would run no this fan has stopped running plus when when car heats up as before the 2 fans would kick in no they don’t I don’t know if I damaged something 

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Lads when I disconnect the coolant temp sensor fans kick in on high speed so the fans work

The slow speed fans don’t come on when ac button is pressed it could be low refrigerant in cooling system 

The high speed fans don’t kick in when car reaches the halfway mark like they used to question is  is the coolant temp sensor the fan activation sensor as well does it do 2 jobs activate the fan and control temp gauge in car as well

I have checked all fuses blade fuses they are okay I can’t get cube fuses to come out to check them plus the denso relays when checking them they have 4 pins no diagram on it do you connect power to small pins then check continuity between larger pins plus I think it’s a 19 m deep socket for coolant sensor any help would be appreciated thanks lads




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