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Aygo 08 fan/heater


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I am having a huge issue finding a garage to even quote for replacing the heater and resistor . Toyota quote me over £1k and tbh the cars not worth that investment. It’s done 26k  miles and goes fine.

I've seen the videos online and know it’s a nasty job- dash off etc.

Any suggestions ? 

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Frostyballs , thanks for getting me to the appropriate place.

As a newbie I don’t know where this Aygo club is , please can you post me a link . Thank you 

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Hi Lorraine and welcome to the Toyota Owners Club. 😃

You are actually in the Aygo Club right now, if you are reading this,  it's just a sub-section of the entire board and so I think that Mike (Frostyballs) has just moved you here from another part of the main site.  If you want to bookmark a link to the Aygo section, follow this:


and it will bring you right back here......I hope that helps! 😮

Anyway as far as your heater is concerned, it's beyond me, I'm afraid as I have never had to tackle that kind of a job on my Aygo (Touch wood!!!!) but I know that it's a costly and difficult job.  I totally understand what you are saying that over £1000 on a 2008 Aygo is (maybe) not worth the investment but that or trading the car in seem to be your only options apart from trawling the scrap yards near you or on line.  There are plenty of resistors on eBay, such as this:


However it would then be a DIY job to fit it and you still have to find a heater.....(To be honest, changing the resistor could cure the problem unless you know that the heater has actually gone)

It's a tough call, Lorraine....Spend a lot of money on your little Aygo, or trade up for a newer one...I really don't know what I would do as I'm very attached to mine.

Whatever you decide, come back and tell us how you get on.

Good luck and all the best! ☺️



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My gran had something to do with her air con fixing which turned out to be something real serious and it would stop her heating working properly, so she took it to Toyota. Think it was quite expensive though and hers is an 06 plate.

mine is an 08 and touch wood mine hasn’t had this issue yet. I’ve done 89k miles so it’s strange for yours to go so early. I’ve had mine from new and I know I would really really struggle to get rid of it, they’re such good little cars! Hope you fix the problem soon! 


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