avensis electric handbrake question

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Hi guys,

Late 2017 avensis 2.0 d sedan.  Sorry to bring up the dreaded electric h/b subject again, but I have a problem.  Could anyone reliably advise me as to whether I will

do any damage to the electric handbrake, if when I park the car safely on my drive, before I turn off the ignition, I release the hand brake

and leave it like that maybe for a few months in the winter.  Will it weaken springs or do any other damage?

Also can I assume that the 2017 model will have the updated Bowden cable fitted from new, the one with the hermetical seal.

Thanks again for any for any advise.:mellow:

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I can't see why this would do any damage, I would probably do the same too if I was leaving the car parked up for a few months. 

No idea when the cable was updated sorry. 

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Thanks a lot for the reply Nick.  I just wanted to check with the club because that's where the owners are that run these cars.  I did also ask a Toyota dealer on Saturday and he explained how the actuator works and that there was no springs compressed or electric current being used once the ignition is turned off.  So he has also confirmed that it should be ok to leave it with the handbrake released.  Thanks for taking the time to reply and putting my mind at rest.

Cheer's Nick thanks again Les. :smile:

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