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Impossible to solve problems pumps of booster pump?


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I request you to help me find the solution here is my situation:

To change my fuel filter on my yaris 2 1.3 VVTI of 2006 with 230000 km. I have of to defuse my gas pump and to remove this radiator hose black set (photo below) I replaced him by a radiator hose gasoline strengthened of the same size maintained by two spring clips (the radiator hose is maintained well and tight it is very difficult to remove it from the hand).

Here is my problem when I leave my vehicle 1 day without rolling the gasoline falls again into the pump of force-feeding and during the starting up I am to oblige to press for a long time the key so that the gasoline goes back up (previously a blow of key and the car started immediately) and so that the car starts.



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Hi, either replace the 'O' ring seals on the pipe. You can try a smear of petroleum grease (Vaseline?) on the old seals, or even try repositioning the pipes. One of them is sucking air and you're losing fuel prime. Try the Filter Inlet pipe first.

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