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Smoke coming out of scuttle panel


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I have an Auris T180 57 plate with 84 k on the clock, I have had this car for 6 or so years, I have had it serviced every year by the dealer and anything that wanted to be done to it has been done. However now i have noticed a smoke/mist coming out of the scuttle panel ... the panel below the windscreen, i was told by the dealer it as just condensation from when it was pressure washed after MOT and service, seem's water had built up in the tray under the radiator and condenser, so when i was reverse parking it at home the fans blew it out of the slots in the panel. Now, i have been having my car valeted many many times over the years and it has never done this before, yesterday for example, i did a 10 mile round trip, reversed parked into my home and the smoke came out again. the car is parked at a very slight downward angle when this happens..... any ideas??? anyone,.

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Smoke will smell as such, condensation will have no such intrinsic odour although it may not be odourless depending on the source. A 10 mile run and then leaving the car to stand for a few hours should be enough to remove most moisture, even from an under bonnet wash.

If it does it again then pop the bonnet with it running and have a look. 


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Thank you to everyone that replied.

I took my car back to the dealer, again and this time it has now been sorted, seems a gas pipe had come off the breather box.

I'm just so pleased everything is back to normal, a reliable car once more.

Again thank you.

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