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2005 Toyota RAV4 D4D 3DR GRANITE

McN 42

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Hello, re the above vehicle...I am plagued with hot starting problems...From cold(0c) no problem...after a few miles however restarting involves cranking the engine several times, pausing,further crnking results in a start, then no problems. Ha recently had new egr valve, suction control valves(which improved things a bit)  Engine really hot after a long run entails waiting, usually with the bonnet up to assist cooling... Battery is good, cranks engine well(see cold start)   Any ideas?   

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Have seen faulty injectors cause this as they leak fuel which causes extended hot cranking, to check the injectors need removing and pressure checked to ensure when they are off and under pressure they hold fuel and not drip.

Also seen a faulty/dirty starter cause hot start issues, once the starter is hot the starter shaft starts to expand partially seizing in the starter casing the car seems to crank fine but it is actually too slow to start, however with this the car will usually start with extended cranking but shake/shudder/rattle into life as the engine fires.

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