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avensis T27 D4D coolant service


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winter is coming soon, my car t27 d4d avensis is not yet serviced for winter temperature.

anybody know how often this car coolant should be replace ? and what type of coolant needed  (colour & etc...). is it also 50/50 mix ?

how much coolant density is good for UK winter ?

according to weather forecast, this week end will be 1deg C already at the coldest most time.

hope someone who with right info can help me out.

i can't find any toyota t27 d4d service manual online..



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Welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Coolant replacement is first due at 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first, and then every 6 years/60,000 miles (5 years/50,000 for the BMW engines). Coolant for the Toyota engines - Toyota Super Long Life coolant.

So unless the car has reached 100,000 miles, a coolant change isn't due.

Moved to the Avensis club.

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