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Tomorrow I collect my Aygo 2013!

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Hi all,

Ohw, this is actually a really exciting moment for me. In 1995 I got my drivers license in The Netherlands, and from that day I have always driven Fiat Panda. My first Panda was a Selecta, then a Panda Young 1.1 and the last Panda was this 1.2 with a Dualogic transmission. 

And now... Toyota Aygo, from 2013, with 3 doors. The paint color is blue metallic.

I read about some issues with the waterpump and the clutch and some moist issues?

Do these common issues also apply to a 2013 model, or was this more the case with the earlier models?

One last question: I read about 'kantelende zuigers' which is Dutch. When I use Google Translate it gives me: Tilting Pistons. I have no idea what that is, but is it something I need to be concerned about? Is it the same as Piston Slap? Is that a common thing?

I really am excited about getting my 'new' used Aygo, but I got slightly concerned about the common problems I read about the Toyota Aygo.

I hope somebody here can tell me whether I should be concerned or not ;)

Thanks a lot!


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Welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

As regards the clutch, early models did suffer from premature clutch wear and noise from the clutch.  The larger clutch from the Yaris was fitted in production from early 2009 to help alleviate these

Water leaks mainly affected early models, but can still occur in newer ones. Common areas are leaks from the rear vents in the boot, from the high level stop light, the rear light clusters,  and the foam surrounds to the door Speakers. The vent and lights leaks can be fixed using new seals or resealing with sealant. The surrounds by fitting revised waterproof speaker surrounds.


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