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Knocking/Rattling/Jiggling Rear RH side

Mick F

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Driving the other day, there was a distinct rattle jiggle knocking from the rear RH side.  Noticeable going over bumps and road unevenness. I was worried about a suspension linkage and was considering taking the car to our local independent garage for them to take a look on the rack.

Yesterday, I washed the car, and when hosing it down, and as usual I hosed out the rear wheel arches, especially the "mud trap" forward of the rear wheels.

I then found the source of the rattle jiggle knocking. It was a piece of rough stone about the size of a marble or a Malteser! 🤣

Just thought I'd share this with the Yaris community, as maybe someone else may have the issue.


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Never experienced the rattling. However, my daughter has a "pebbled" drive at the front of her house. Many times, after visiting, there is a collection of pebbles in the "mudtrap" which are just the right size for the tyre tread to pick up then deposit forwards, once on the move.

I'm gradually removing the drive and collecting it at home by retrieving the pebbles every so often.🙄

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6 hours ago, m456an said:

If you took it to the dealer they would have changed the suspension and the tyres.

Yes, they would, without doubt, have loaded the parts cannon first!

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