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Aygo won't start + all the lights after being left for a few weeks


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Hi all,

Was wondering if I could get some basic troubleshooting advice before I ask a garage? I recently went away on holiday then didn't need to drive for a while and unfortunately now I've come back to my Aygo after 7ish weeks, it's not looking good.

Red oil light and Battery. Plus brakes and steering (presumably due to Battery?). Also the remote key flashing and STOP light also flashing due to oil light presumably (not seen on the photo - bad timing). Engine doesn't even attempt to turnover. 

Oil levels are fine on dipstick. Recently MOTed and serviced (<6months) with no problems (except tyre tread !). I know cars need used turned over to keep them healthy, but I'm rather worried that this could happen in less than two months.

The car is parked in a tiny carpark thing under my flat - Getting it out of there towed is going to be awful.  Are there some basics I can do myself before having to get this to a garage? Could it just be the Battery? It's hard to tell when it's all electronic! I don't even have a real key to turn.

Much appreciated, cheers.


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Hi Tom, welcome to TOC 🙂

Is your car manual or auto? In either case are you doing what is necessary for the car to start (depress clutch for manual & presumably in P for auto)?

& yes, it could be that the Battery is too low to start although in my experience then you get a chattering noise (but possibly modern cars don't do this anymore).

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After such a time standing, I'd at least be checking the Battery first. Do you know the Battery age? Cold weather always brings out the worst..

Do the headlights work at all? If yes, but they die when you try to start, most likely a flat. Also you could try a voltmeter on it.. below 11.5v you need a charge at least.

Good luck!

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connect a 2nd Battery up to your  car and jump start it.

in jan 17 my IS300h hadn't been used for 3 weeks and when

i tried to start it i had all the dash lights flashing on & off and

i couldn't turn the car off as there was too little power in the Battery,

after connecting a 2nd Battery up the car started 1st time.

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mine probably goes upto 6 or 7 week s without use, and has never let me down. i dont think there is anything on the Aygo that drains the Battery when off!!

i would suspect your Battery has failed or failing, if its like mine its a tiny little thing!! replacing it might be the way to go, but do check your voltage first and try the second Battery or jump leads!

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