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Replacing engine in 2.0 D4D


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Hi all,

I have a 57 plate 2.0 D4D whose engine is on the way out. It’s on nearly 170k miles. Black smoke under harsh acceleration, etc.

A mechanic friend of mine has suggested getting a replacement engine rather than a new car.

I used to have a 2.2 SR180 which I really liked - until I wrote it off 😀.

Is it feasible to put one of those 2.2 engines in my current car? I’m not bothered about the extra insurance etc, and it would make my car faster and more fun to drive. But obviously the car was designed to have a (slower) 2.0 engine in it.

Alternatively is it even worth doing the (boring) option of a like-for-like 2.0 engine swap?







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Is it actually the engine itself which is at fault? Black smoke, poor acceleration etc are more likely to be an issue with the EGR, or the injectors. I would be quite surprised if a diesel engine was worn out at 170k.

Personally I would avoid a 2.2 unless it was from at least 2009 onwards when the known problems with the 2.2 were apparently fixed. 


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Thanks for that. I will take the car to my local diesel garage to get properly checked out.

There is another symptom I forgot to mention. If I drive above about 60mph for any length of time I start using a lot of oil.

Eg a couple of times recently I did a return journey, about 200 miles each way. Both times outbound I did 70mph and my oil level warning message kept coming on, but each time on the return journey I drove at 60mph and it was fine. 

I had a minor oil leak diagnosed in my recent MoT but I assume this is a separate issue? If the oil was leaking it would do it at 60mph as well as 70mph.

Would an EGR problem potentially explain why oil seems to be getting ‘burned up’ at higher speeds?


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Could also be worn seals on the turbo. Not sure if its worth looking into that. Iirc when I looked into swapping my 2.0 lump with the 2.2 it didn't require much. The main difference is the suspension at the rear is torsion beam on 2.0 models and independent on 2.2s.

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