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Speed camera warning


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Hi Ian, welcome to TOC 🙂

First off, I take it that you have Touch 2 with Go (satnav)?

They can't be accurate for mobile as the database is only updated every ~6 months or so along with the maps. (Waze is probably the best for this as it is crowd-sourced essentially in real time. Even then you are reliant on someone entering it as they drive/soon after).

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you have Touch 2 but do you also have Go (it's a modular system so you can have Touch 2 without Go)?

If you do have Go with speed cameras enabled you should get both  audible warning(s) [I believe that the latest update may have changed behaviour & I haven't updated yet] & there should be an icon on the map.

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What trim grade is it e.g. Icon/IconTech/Design/Excel? Icon I believe only has Touch 2, with Go as an option whereas the others all have Go as standard.

If you press the map/nav button (usually lower right) do you get a map or does it say something like "system not installed/unavailable"?

Did you not get even thin starter manuals with the car (you can download much more complete ones from Toyota)? https://d24bc9lyrt5en5.cloudfront.net/Customer-Portal-Admin/emanuals/TOYOTA/OM12K67E.pdf

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Sounds like it 🙂(being pedantic with Touch 2 it is actually with Go).

Oh & whilst I am being pedantic, if you enable internet data access via your mobile phone you may get mobile speed camera warnings but I personally wouldn't rely on them being absolutely current.

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