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Multiple warning lights


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My Aygo has just reached ten thousand miles. On starting it up yesterday, the Malfunction indicator light, the skid indicator light and the Tire pressure warning light failed to extinguish when the engine had started running, which has never happened before. I switched the engine off and restarted it with the same result. The lights remained on. I took the car for a short run as everything sounded fine. After 12 miles I stopped again and switched the engine off. After an hour  restarted the engine and the set of warning lights remained on. I then had to make another short stop for 30 minutes and then restarted. Much to my surprise the display was back to normal. I have since driven 20 miles with no problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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As it is within warranty call your local dealer explain the lights have been on and have it booked in for diagnostics, as even though the lights have extinguished the Diagnostic trouble codes will be stored.

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