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Easy & simple way to remove fuel from a Toyota Auris 1.6cc TR 2011 Reg

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Hi All.....  😊

Can anyone out there in Toyota land please advice me in the following....


My dear wife has filled the car with £70 of fuel just as we are about to trade in in , REALLY !!!! 😠

Does anyone know if there's a simple and easy way to remove this fuel........

( I have a lift pump  /  fuel pump handy too )

Thanks again ALL

Greatest Regards


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Hi....... Thank you for your fast reply 😊

Totally agree on a safety point. 👍

However i hoped to put this fuel directly into my other car via its filling port ( as per normal at the pump ) with them standing next to each other.

What would the easiest way to do this ( remove the fuel )?

1. Removal of the fuel line in the engine bay ( i assume the fuel pump runs with the car ignition switch on ONLY....


2. Via my fuel lift pump ( or again cars fuel pump ) gaining access to the pump in the tank under the rear seat ( is there a cover plate there to allow this ? )

How would you go about this ?

I do also have very safe storage for up to 100 liters of fuel.

Thank you 

Kindest Regards

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can you get access to the plastic fuel filler pipe

where it attaches onto the tank and disconect it then drain off from there

but what was she thinking .

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Thank you for your reply.

Don't know if I can get to this pipe as I'll need to put the car up on ramps...

I've seen images on YouTube showing access via a cover under the rear seat above the fuel tank lift pump.

Where access could be obtained to siphon or simply use the fuel pump lift to empty the tank.

What I'd like to know from the owners club is has anybody undertaken this and if so would really appreciate their feedback on their method again the simplest and easiest without car ramps etc


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when removing the fuel pump your advised to wait till your fuel level is about 1/4

of a tank otherwise you can spill petrol and make the car inside stink

not good if your p/x'ing or selling privately to have the fumes of petrol present.


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put your hand under the front edge of the seat and move your hands towards the door

you will find the securing clip put a hand either side of the clip and pull the seat base up

repeat on the other side unclip seat belts and remove lower cushion.

pump accessible under cover


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Hi All.....   😄

Does anyone else have a guide to removing fuel from this car.. ? 

Would it be complicated undertaking this via the fuel hose in the engine bay.......?  thus using the fuel tank pump to push the fuel out with i assume the ignition switch on ONLY.

Question : - Are the fuel pipes attached to the fuel pump with easy fit / removal connectors or push fit ( shrink of the fittings )

I only ask as i have not yet removed the seat and started or attempted to remove this fuel yet.

Many thanks All 😂

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they are push fit connector on the fuel pump

here is a video showing a corolla fuel pump being removed

i am sure it will be very similar to the Auris


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Good evening.

Brilliant stuff..... thank you.

Looking at the video I guess the pipe with the yellow u clip and plug at 45 degree ( the pipe that spilled a little fuel ) is the feed to the engine bay..

I guess I'll just pop a good fitting pipe on there and with ignition on the pump will attempt to prime and then continuously pump the fuel out to a separate destination.

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i'm fairly certain that without the engine running the fuel pump

only runs for a few seconds at a time,in older cars you use to hear

the fuel pump run and then stop as it was priming the system

ready for starting

i would remove the pump and use your lift pump straight into the tank.


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Hi Eygo....

Got in from work 2pm..... Eager to get into this fuel removal...... the weather utterly filthy gloomy day. 🙄

Can't remove the lower back seat as per your message Posted Monday at 07:33 PM ...... The lower seat is bolted into the floor and hinged into the back upright seats.

The leather back seats are hinged in such a manner that the upright seats fold forward and lay flat on top of the lower seats.

However i guess after looking at the seats in detail the ONLY way to now get to the fuel pump cover etc.... is to totally unbolt & remove the back seats from the car

So the £70 worth of fuel the daft wife put in a car that we are trading in tomorrow is to go with the car it seems....... 🙄

The small saving i made on the new car sale price was pointless as i'm giving it back in fuel. It's true woman are from another planet. 😡

Thanks again for your help Eygo

PS..... I guess there's no way to remove this via the engine bay feed........ i don't know where the fuel lines runs etc either.

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Hi Eygo....

Thanks for the video.

Sadly the seats in my Auris do not have clips on them like in this video, the front edge on my lower seat has a fixed bolted into the floor hinged unlike the clips are on this video.

Their hinged so the back upper seat and fold forward and lay flat on top of the lower seat. it was worth a try i guess.....

I'm not unbolting all the back seats and removing them in this utterly crap weather the fuel a have to stay...

Unless i remove it via the engine bay feed hose ( don't know where that is in the engine bay ) and use the almost 6 bar lift pump i have to suck it out the tank through the tank pump ( not running )

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Thanks Eygo.

You've been really helpful thank you very much.... 🤝

The amount of aggro to remove this fuel now to much trouble if the seats un-clipped i'd of removed the fuel.

To say its seriously annoying is an understatement, the mind boggles fill a **** car your about to sell..........   Women !!!!!! 😡

I'd have a go in the engine bay..... but its knowing where the fuel line is

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