2004 (1.6 Petrol) Lambda Sensor Avensis

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Good Morning All,

I'm seeking some advise please with regards to obtaining a LAMBDA SENSOR - 2004 (1.6 Petrol) Avensis

I've been searching online firstly for the part, trying to determine the part-number, along with finding the part.

Having the Engine Management light show, diagnostic being carried out - this part is causing the issue.

Given all my searching, I'm hoping to get the part complete without splicing, crimping to be involved, with all the items showing at several different prices I'm aprenhensive on buying one in case I make a complete b***s of it. Along with there being serious differences in prices.

I happened upon this group by chance of searching, I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of a correct P/N for the complete assembly.


Here are some of the Parts I've come across:


Thanks in advance,

Sincerely, Noelle

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