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Buying new Prius - got few questions


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Hey everyone, 

my first post here..

I will be buying a new Prius Business Edition Plus for taxi & Personal use but I wanted to gather a bit more information about few things:

  • Toyota is supposedly announcing New Prius in just under 2 Weeks at LA Auto Show.. is that for US only or UK as well? and will it have higher price? (was it same last year?) I understand we don't know how it will look (i really like front of the Plug-in version) and what changes are there.
  • If I order my Prius now and its getting delivered in 2-3 months, will that be new Model or still the current one?
  • What extras are worth getting? so far im thinking of the following:
  1. Decuma Grey
  2. Miyama Black Fabric
  3. 15" alloy wheels (5-double-spoke) with aerodynamic wheel covers [CO2 78g]
  4. Protection Pack
  5. Wind deflectors
  6. Door handle protection film
  •  I noticed that Active model has a larger boot space compared & higher mpg compared to Business Edition Plus, does it make a big difference? anyone had any experience?

thanks in advance

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If you're buying now, it won't be the facelift model.

Decuma grey is a safe option for the colour. It's nice and tasteful, although I think it hides too much of the unique styling myself. The silvers and whites do a better job of showing off the car's shape. 

If looks aren't that important, the 15" wheels are definitely a good choice. They will be more comfortable, cheaper to buy tyres for and will offer better mpg. The Active has them as standard which is why the quoted mpg is higher. The new style wheel covers with the extended black stripes do a decent job of masking their tiny size, reducing the shopping trolley effect. However, they'll never look as good as the 17s.

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There is a revision ( minor model change ) of the current Prius coming it is not a all new model just midlife changes. the US are getting it first as they are the largest market for Prius, clues can be taken from the US model as to what me can expect but as yet there has been no information on EU/UK models other than to expect a change next year.

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I chose to buy a used Prius Gen4 Excel, one of my requirements was 15” wheels. This was based on 2 things 1) comfort of the ride, 17” low profile may look smarter but the low profile does give a harder ride and with all the potholes this was too harsh for me.   2) with 15” less chance of kerbing damage because they have a deeper side wall. I bought a used gen3 with 17” wheels, first thing I did was spend £300+vat to have them refurbished.

re your extras, the gen3 had Toyota wind deflectors to all 4 doors, I liked them so fitted them to the Gen4. I bought direct from Climair in Kent, just under £100 inc vat. Easy to fit (easier on a warm day as they will bend easier). You can get cheaper makes, but from watching You Tube I don’t think as good quality as Climair. You can crack open a window and not have rain blowing in, wind noise is reduced etc, helps to keep car fresh and not misting up as easy. A good buy IMO.

I do have fitted the genuine Toyota protection pack, all 4 door kick plates, rear load area protection, all in chrome. Plus I got load area rubber mat. Don’t know cost of these as they were already fitted. I have bought, non Toyota rubber floor mats - 3 pieces. Very snug fit, drivers side has the 2 fixing points (mot failure if driver mat loose I believe), and a one piece rear mat which goes across the very low centre tunnel and from door to door. Off eBay for about £25 - a bargain, very durable and good looking.

For such an outstanding looking car (IMO), the Dacuma grey takes something away. Road dirt dries light grey, so for a taxi silver would be my best choice, though my Supersonic Red looks fantastic. If using as a taxi and as you may get time between some calls, I would recommend Williams waterless car cleaner/polish. Has Carnuba wax in, can be applied in high sun, or damp weather, is very easy to buff up (unlike conventional polish I have tried). Get some microfibre cloths, 1 to apply, 1 to buff, jobs a good in. Cheap too, get Williams off Ideal World shopping tv channel, four 1 lire botttles with a handy spray nozzle, For £20 + p&p. One litre should do a full Prius clean about 6 times, though you probably do part cleans whilst waiting. 

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thank you so much guys.

in the end I did end up going with Dacuma grey, I saw few colours in person and really liked grey colour (attached a pic i took at a different dealer, not my car).

also added the following:

15" alloy wheels
Protection Pack
Wind deflectors
Door handle protection film

i do have to wait until Feb to get my car tho. 😕


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