servicing rear epb calipers

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Hi there,  I am asking for a little advice if anyone has any experience of this subject.

I have just changed my car for a 67 plate Avensis 2.0 ltr D4D and would like to take off my rear callipers so that I can free the pads and clean and paint the callipers.

I've had a look and see that the EPB (electric parking brake) has a Bowden cable and a spring connected to the calliper, can I remove these whilst the hand brake is in the released position, then remove the calliper.

(The pads are still nice and thick) so I will not be putting new pads in, so I won't be altering the piston position in the calliper .  Do I have to have the EPB re-programmed after putting everything back?

Many thanks for any advice on this.   :unsure:  

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Your car has a service mode, as detailed in your owners handbook. This service mode leaves the parking brake off until the work is finished. You can do the work you need to do.   

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Thanks a lot Konrad for replying so quick,

I cannot find anything in my owner's manual about a "service mode", but I think I have found what you mean as there is a procedure for

leaving the EPB off when shutting down the engine, so I will do that and take off the spring and then disconnect the Bowden cable so that I can clean and paint the calliper

and free and lightly grease the pads.

Again many thanks for your speedy help on this.    Les  :biggrin:

I would like to wish you and your family      A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.



















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