Rav 4.3 2008 2.2 - time to go?

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Evening all,

I've had my Rav 4 2.2 D-4D XT5 for almost four years but now thinking it's maybe time to trade in.

I'm paranoid about the head gasket issue rearing its head 🙂 so have always used V-Power/Ultimate which is now 10p more per litre (x 45 to 50l, up to five times a month). Could I switch to regular diesel without risking head gasket failure?

About six months ago a weep from the water pump was noted, the pump was then replaced. I've had no problem with heating in the car but have noticed a small amount of white residue on the coolant bottle from time to time but no major loss of coolant. I have noticed dark (not black) smoke when with high revs when accelerating to speed, not sure if that is related.

No record of 3/4 engine reubuild on MyToyota.

Based on the experiences here, is it only a matter of time before head gasket failure?


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A relatively small percentage of Ravs succumb to the Oil burning /head gasket issue - the vast majority go on to cover a healthy mileage without issue. Provided that your car doesn’t exhibit classic signs of Oil usage / coolant loss then chances are that it will be fine. It’s a bit concerning though when you say no major loss of coolant - there should be zero loss of coolant except if you have an external leak. You don’t mention the mileage but smoke under heavy acceleration is often a symptom of wear.

It’s fine to use regular fuel but it’s much more preferable to use branded rather than supermarket diesel

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Thanks for the reply. Mileage now around 115k. 

When I say no major coolant losses, I've never noticed the level fall considerably in the tank although it has been topped up during services, etc. not sure by how much. The white staining is less than 5p sized when it does return.

I'll give regular branded diesel a go. Be interesting to see if any difference in mileage, getting between 430 to 480 miles out of a tank at present. 

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