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Starting issues!


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I've read some posts on here about intermittent starting issues on the mk2 Aygo, apparently some people have said it was down to a loose Battery terminal issue well basically I'm in the same boat but having checked all the obvious things nothing is loose and no trouble codes stored etc but on admittedly rare occasions it takes several turns of the starter motor before it fires up. It can do it from cold or part warm but it's a persistent issue. It's a 2015 plate with 5k on the clock and other than this drives spot on under all conditions. I would chat to my dealer but they have already proved their ineptness numerous times so I'm just looking for some feedback from other owners, cheers.

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My 2015 Aygo X-Pression  did this and so does my 2018 X-Clusiv. Totally random no pattern but usually when the engine is cold.   99% of the time hot or cold  the engine fires up immediately.  Then suddenly the engine turns for what seems like ages before it fires up. I might mention it next time it is in for a service but as it is rare and the car always starts it not a huge problem. As it has now happened with two Aygos  I have owned from new I put it down to a "feature".

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