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7.5 amp dome fuse


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       where can I get hold of the "fabled" 7.5 amp dome fuse? I looked on eBay but couldn`t find one. Mine looks ok but I read on this forum that sometimes it can look alright but maybe be defective. I`m having issues with hazard lights flashing and key fob not functioning. I thought that I may as well try the fuse.



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If your "Dome" fuse were blown then you would have no central locking, interior lights, dash functions, radio etc

It sounds like your alarm is faulty and triggering incorrectly this is usually caused by water ingress into the siren unit or a faulty integration relay

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Thanks Lee,

                                    is the integration relay in the fusebox  under the bonnet? Can you tell which number it is please? Is it possible to manually disable the alarm?


                                                                                           Thanks :)

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