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Idle speed


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Hi I am having trouble with my 2010 avensis 1.8 valvematic petrol . Sometimes whilst stopping at traffic lights my idle speed shoots up between 1k -3k rpm until I stop and I don't know why . Also just as a test if I coast down a hill it revs up too ,as soon as I stop the revs return back to normal 700 rpm and no problems whilst stationary . Im a little bit stumped on what it can be any one come across this before ? Just changed the Battery engine oil and gear oil but it made no difference . Thanks in advance for your help chris

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Hi after looking at live data on my scanner I think I have found a issue . I believe the problems are in bank 2 I'll show you the results . 

Short term fuel 1 is 9.4%

Long term fuel is 8.6%

02 sensor 1 bank 1 showing 3.2 volts 

O2 sensor 1 bank 2 is showing 0 volts 

Short term fuel 2 is 99.2 %

Would this indicate a bad O2 sensor bank 2 

Thanks in advance chris

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On 11/22/2018 at 7:40 PM, Yipikiaye said:


4 hours ago, garethpaul said:

Your 1.8 valvematic is a straight 4 cylinder engine so has no bank 2, which explains why you are not getting readings for this. This is normal.

Are there any codes reported on your scanner?

Thanks for your reply I thought there was 2 on the manifold but it's very tight to see as there around the back of the engine . No codes on the computer just revs up when stopping at traffic lights usually when engine cold


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3 hours ago, furtula said:

When you change the battery, you are supposed to let it idle for 10 minutes for the ECU to re-learn.

Just disconnect battery again for a few minutes  for to reset it, and let it idle 10 minutes this time.

Yes i noticed after changing the Battery the revs dropped really low looked like it was misfiring on tick over and stalled on 1 occasion . I will disconnect the Battery again and let it tick over longer before reving it up thanks for your help

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