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Flickering license plate bulbs

Jon A.

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hey all, 

wonder if anyone had experience with flickering license place bulbs with Toyota Auris (TS)? 

i assume i could switch the bulbs to see if the flickering persists, but maybe there's a well known or common problem-solution ?

thanks for sharing if so, 

happy driving everyone

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switched the bulbs, then none of them were working. 

probably one of the LED was faulty but as well might be something wrong with wires. the problem with the latter though, there's no access to the wires or at least not sure how to disassemble the whole thing. 

will try a new bulb meanwhile.

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Hi Jon, welcome to TOC 🙂

LEDs have a polarity so only work fitted 1 way. Also, if they haven't got the bulb dimensions just right perhaps there is an issue with fit & therefore contact?

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Thanks all,

Indeed, changed the LED bulb to a new one - works like a charm.


althoug when trying to open up managed to damage the plastic base that holds the cover, resulting in a slightly loose cover (not being able to lock in the position tightly). 

Beware everyone:D



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