Strong Smell of Fuel from Exhaust

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My 05 Aygo has smelt like petrol on startup and just generally when idling for some time now, I was wondering if anyone would know what the problem may be? There's no leaks from the car other than fuel leaking out of the exhaust, or what seems to be fuel. I also find when idling the car tends to use a lot of petrol, for a car thats idling that is. Car has done 81k miles and is services every 10k, due to be serviced next week. Spark plugs were changed 10K miles ago along with the air-filter. It's used daily and does a lot of none-motorway miles.

If anyone could help i'd appreciate it :)


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I have something similar on mine, 06 plate with 70k.

I also have a ticking too when its moving, and ive done a bit of research and the cats are prone to crack, and cause the noise, but also do cause the fumes smell too.

Id say what is out the exhaust is just condensation to be fair though.

Its worth looking into, as a new cat is only around £80.

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Same issue on my 08 Aygo...only i dont notice the fuel smell all the time...when i do its at tge exhaust not inside the cabin. 

We replaced the cat with genuine toyota part and both sensors only a few months ago.

Our engine idles erratic and fuel consumption is high...250miles on a full tank. Did a coil pack test yesterday...no faults found...yet to do a compression test.

For some strange reason every mechanic i speak to including kwikfit state...its your back box...change it asap...just like that! Im not so sure but as ive already spent £££ and love my car i might just consider it.

Good luck with yours


P.s ours has done 54k...still a baby!

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