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Toyota Sprint Series/Japanese Sprint Series

Wolds Warrior

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I currently compete in the Javelin Sprint Series in my Suzuki Swift Sport, and i only did selected rounds this season due to needing an operation on my arm, but i managed to get two class wins!

In 2019, i am doing all 8 rounds, and now i have the Aygo, the plan is to do selected rounds in it, in the Japanese Sprint Series, which incorporates the Toyota Sprint Series.

But that plan may not even come to fruition as I’m buying a Mk1 Yaris 1300 ST that’s a known class winning car in the series too!

Ill still do all 8 rounds of the Javelin Series in the Swift.

Both series are run by Javelin, who run a lot of track days every year so they know what they are doing.

Its great fun, and you can use a standard car up to a out and out track car, there is a class that suits whatever you choose.

I know there is a few people on here that compete in them, but lets try and get some new faces out there and support this great series!

Find the Links here folks, it would be great to see you there!

Any questions, just ask away






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Here here, its the best thing I've ever done and proved that Toyota's aren't just to go to the shops and back. It's a friendly and helpful group of Toyota enthusiasts in a relaxed setting. We drive some great tracks and it helps you find out more about your driving and how your Toyota handles. It's free to go spectate and have a chat with people. Get yourself along you will enjoy it 👍 I did this in 2012 and I've competed every since. 

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