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Wolds Warrior

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Morning Folks

Im looking at getting an Auris SR in the new year.

Anything to look out for at all?

This is the said car i have my eye on, but anything like that would be ok.



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Seats seem a bit worn, but otherwise looks ok.

Known problem is water in the boot, open the boot, and remove the spare tire from the car, check for any rust. Usually the bottom side of the wheel arch rusts first and leaves stains, easy to check if it has this problem or not. I have the same engine, i'm satisfied with it, has good mpg especially if you do out of city trips.

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I wouldn’t go for that one for sure, too many things are highlighted but in reality cars like that one and sold from garages like these one are crap. Try to find something from a private seller or something from a dealer that says pluses but and negatives in his advert, been more honest at first place. The cars are otherwise good motors .

Good Luck

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