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Hi all, just a quick introduction


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Hi, I'm not one for chatting online preferring face to face but I have to at least attempt this online social thingy.

I am a true Toyota fan having owned a number of Toyota cars, specials and vans. 

I was a mechanic for Carr & Griffiths Toyota in Milton Green, Chester, Cheshire, I then moved on working with a company manufacturing Arial Atom style kit cars (Brimoto.co.uk), we were hoping to adapt them to using the VVTL-i  2zz-ge engine but this meant we would be unable to to offer brand new registration cars only age related, this along with manufacturing supply issues  lead to the business being sold

My car vehicle list is extensive but my best Toyota was a 642 bhp Twin Turbo Supra that sounded more like a jumbo jet taking off but a bugger to keep in a straight line, a close 2nd was my Gen 7 Celica with had the suspension set up & tyres to really handle the twisty stuff. Now I just drive my HiAce to carry my bikes to trackdays & IOM.

My Mrs has had a few nice cars, she started with 2 Astra GTE's, a Clio Williams 3, a 1.4 Almera! She currently selling her Corolla Compressor as she's just bought a Rav 4 so as you see we do like our Toyota's

From Brimoto we do have a few spare Corolla parts all will be listed in the near future, some like the 2zz-ge engine etc will have a price tag but most of which we'd rather sell cheap or give away if collected

Please don't be offended if I do not reply instantly as I'm not glued to a screen all day & don't use the internet on my phone.


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20 hours ago, Brimoto said:

I do like it when customers come in with their old Pride and joy for regular services.

..... If you look closely, there is a sticker in the top right of my screen...


Sort of 'remember our glories' tag


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So when you say " someone took VERY GOOD care of it" what you actually meant was that the last owner raced it round some UK circuits 😀


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Not quite.... It stayed with its original owner for about 18yr, who gave up driving and passed it on to the service tech at the local dealership...

Tech kept it for the remainder but moved it on, as he wanted an auto cos of bad knee...

Bit of 'for sale', card in window / on the side of the road, action and it came to me.. [through a serial - old car rescuer] 😇


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