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Interior Light only comes on at driver's side


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I have an Aygo 2014 plate.  When I open the passenger door no interior light comes on.  Only on the driver's side.  This is pretty inconvenient with the dark winter nights and elderly passengers getting in and out.

I thought it must be a fault of some kind so, having bought the car from Toyota in August and it being under warranty, I took it to the dealer to check out.  I was told there is no fault and that's the way the car is. 

How very odd!  Every vehicle I've owned since 1980 has had this feature as standard, including our Yaris which did us for many years before this Aygo .  It's hard to escape the feeling that Toyota have been very frugal with the design.  Other things like the key only locking/unlocking all the doors when employed in the driver's door (not the passenger door), poor visibility at the rear, poor windscreen wiper coverage and appalling deicing performance on cold mornings mean we'll be looking for another car next year.  We should have checked out all these things before buying but you don't, do you?

Not when it's a Toyota!

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John, you've got to remember that the Aygo is built to a low cost, tight budget, and the earlier models have little in the way of creature comforts. The biggest one for me is the lack of passenger window control from the driver's side (although I believe later models have this feature). I'm not fussed if the cabin doesn't light up when the passenger door is opened, but I can fully understand that some driver's like or need this feature. I guess you have a base model, without remote locking/unlocking, because all my doors unlock with the fob.

As for the poor deicing, I share your pain, although aircon certainly helps to demist the windscreen. So if yours doesn't have aircon, then that would certainly be a feature to look for in your next car.

Think of the positives; no road tax, low insurance, great fuel economy, easy to park, cheap on tyres, only one windscreen wiper to replace, reliability 😀

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Presumably it is a first generation Aygo? 

The first generation didn't have a door switch on the passenger side. Some owners have fitted one and wired it in.

As regards the door locking, like some cars from other manufacturers, depending on the trim level you either get remote central locking or key operated central locking.

Poor visibility and possibly the wiper coverage, could have been picked up during a test drive - did you test drive the car?

Do you mean de-icing or demisting? If you have air conditioning, using the air conditioning in conjunction with the heater  produces faster demisting and would help with de-icing. See  https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/180905-how-to-demist-the-windscreen-quickly/

The Aygo is intended as a low budget city car, and depending which version you have (ie the base version), may lack some of the features of higher spec Aygos.

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