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oil loss


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Welcome to the forum.

While Mystic Meg might be able to provide an answer, us mere mortals need a little more to go on.:smile:

First , what grade and make of oil are you using  and how much oil is being lost vs miles traveled ?

Are you doing short stop start journeys or long motorway ones.

Has the problem been developing over time or just started suddenly ?

Any signs of oil in the header tank or in the radiator if you remove the cap when cold.

Whats the engine performance like, any sudden change ?

If you coast down a long hill then at the bottom press on the gas does it leave a cloud of smoke behind ?



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it runs like new.ive only had it a few weeks.so need to do more investigating..does not smoke or loose oil.pcr valve ok..no oil in water.so i put it down to gummed piston & rings..

im useing forte petrol treament recomended to be one of the best..may need to try more than one treatment who knows?im looking for other corolla drivers to see if anyone else has

or is trying addative treatments to cure or better the problem..thanks tony


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milage only 82000..alot of oil is missing after a short run.a litre about 100miles..so annoying and frustrating..i wonder how  the car has got this far..

im looking for others who have a similar problem and have they cured it or bettered it..please anyone help???


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Its been well documented in the forum  before,  seems some earlier  engines did have an oil burning problem associated with the pistons etc which toyota did correct and offer extended support, however they closed the book on that a long time ago.

Think it was more related to using a litre of oil in less than 1000 miles, but if your is in 100 mile you must be leaving a smoke trail ..?

If its not being lost as a  joint leak onto the ground, or into the water, which at that amount  you would expect to see the radiator header tank change colour,  then its must be being burnt by the engine.

It could be really badly worn value guides etc or piston rings.

A compression test should soon tell if its a cylinder problem.  loads of test kit available from Halfords to eBay, though might be easier to get a garage to do it for you.

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We have same car at 123,000 miles. Has been gradually burning more and more oil since about 2010. We have had the car since new. All oil changes have been done to schedule (and some more).  Always synthetic 5w/30 oil used.  Car only does 4500 miles a year.

At oil change last year (118,000 miles), I tried Wynns Engine Flush (£6 Halfords), for the first time.  You empty can into oil filler with old oil still in engine, let engine tick over for 20 mins, turn off, and do oil and filter change. 

For next 1500 - 2000 miles oil consumption dropped to about 1/3 of before, but slowly returned to previous levels i.e. 900 - 1000 miles per litre.

Tried the  Wynns Engine Flush again in October (so, second time), since then the engine has used 1/4 of the dipstick in 600 miles, so about roughly 2400 miles per litre?  The new oil takes longer to look discoloured after a flush has been done, as you would expect.

I'm not suggesting you use this, but this is what happened when this product was used in our  UK-built 1.4 vvti. 

I have not used any other additives in this car.  20 years ago, Redex petrol additive may possibly have helped in this situation as it was an upper cylinder lubricant, but in the 2000s it was reformulated and is now just a fuel injector cleaner.  I was told this by the manufacturers.

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Can be down to the variable valve timer being gummed up with sludge. Is your car struggling up hills or loosing power up hill? 

If you can locate the VVT then you can remove, clean through with petrol and put it back on. Or the other trick is to get some 0W/30 synthetic engine oil and put about 1/2 litre in the engine to clean the VVT with a long run. These new synthetic oils clean as they lubricate, and this can also cause sludge in the VVT, but using a thinner synthetic oil helps clear it too.

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thank you all for the replys.the car does not smoke!!does not leak.runs like new.like a new car!!.the vvt sounds a possability.

i will go for a flush next when i get the chance..the  replys are from real corolla users.thats what im looking for..please keep your thoughts

about this pain problem going.may help me and others..regards

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