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T27 2.0d4d 160000mls, my ex taxi is now being used by my daughter, she drives short distances 3 - 5 miles at a time with the occasional 30+mile trip.

all warning lights are on with the fault code P244B,according to techstream the fault is dpf differential pressure too high .

tried doing a regeneration using the techstream and about 50 mile hard run on the motorway but still can’t clear the fault 

a few pictures of the techstream,

does it look like the dpf is blocked or would it be a faulty sensor ?

the car is in what feels like a half limp mode








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Your DPF is massively clogged, after a regen the PM Accumulation ratio should be 0% yours is 510%. it would appear your attempted regen was not successful, Toyota say:


  1. Clear the DTC and Exhaust Fuel Addition FB value by disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) Battery terminal or removing the EFI MAIN No. 2 fuse for 1 minute or more.

    Tech Tips

    • The accumulated PM volume stored in the ECM cannot be initialized using the intelligent tester.

    • To perform PM forced regeneration, it is necessary to perform initialization of the accumulated PM volume stored in the ECM.

  2. Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

  3. Start the engine and drive the vehicle until the engine coolant temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) or more.

  4. Move the shift lever to N and set the parking brake.

  5. Turn the tester on.

  6. Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine and ECT / Active Test / Activate the DPF Rejuvenate (PM) / Data List / PM Accumulation Ratio.

  7. Perform the Active Test while the vehicle is driven at a constant vehicle speed within 50 to 100 km/h (31 to 62 mph) (transmission in 3rd gear) for more than 15 minutes.

    Tech Tips

    • While the "Activate the DPF Rejuvenate (PM)" Active Test is being performed, the accelerator opening angle should be kept as constant as possible.

    • When you start driving, "DPNR/DPF Status Reju (PM)" on the Data List displays "Compl". However, continue to drive the vehicle until "PM Accumulation Ratio" drops to 0%.

    • Once "PM Accumulation Ratio" drops to 0%, regeneration is complete.

  8. Continue to drive the vehicle until "PM Accumulation Ratio" drops to 0%.


    Be aware of excessive heat on and around the exhaust pipes during PM forced regeneration.


    If PM forced regeneration stops, repair the malfunction that caused it to stop, and perform it again to complete the operation.

    Tech Tips

    • PM forced regeneration completes in 15 to 40 minutes.

    • PM forced regeneration time changes depending on PM Accumulation Ratio and driving conditions.

    • A fail-safe stops PM forced regeneration if Catalyst Differential Press increases too much during regeneration

    • Exhaust Temperature B1S3 becomes 500°C (932°F) or more within 20 minutes of PM forced regeneration start.

    • PM forced regeneration will be stopped if the accelerator pedal is depressed during regeneration. In this case, PM forced regeneration needs to be performed again.

    • Even if PM forced regeneration stops while it is occurring, the intelligent tester displays Compl (complete) for DPNR/DPF Status Reju (PM).

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Thanks very much for the reply, I think you’re correct about the failed regen, I think the reason is because couldn’t clear the codes. The next time I get at it I’ll follow your instructions, hopefully it’ll work. Is the high differential pressure code the fault at all I wonder 

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60962204-82A9-4490-AA69-792340CE1605.thumb.jpeg.795b0b6778be13e8b44380053539a22f.jpegThanks Devon Aygo, I followed your instructions and got the regen done, on the way back on the motorway the accumulation ratio went up to 12% in about 15 miles, don’t know if that’s ok or not.



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Same fault has returned, a quick check with the Autel scanner returned the same code.

if the 5th injector housing is blocked would it put up a fault code ?

anyone got instructions on cleaning the 5th injector housing on the 2.0 d4d ??

I will get the car for a couple of weeks so hoping to clean out as much as possible. 

I’m thinking of trying a dpf cleaner such as Liqui Moly which can be done without removing the dpf, or, removing the dpf to get it properly cleaned by someone such as https://www.dpfservice.ie

Also, has anyone removed the complete egr unit for a full clean? I’ve cleaned some of it in the past ( I think the harder to remove part is the acceleration control unit which I didn’t touch) and the plastic manifold at the same time, both were covered in a dry soot but not blocked  

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Best info I've read in two years thank you, clear concise, and I hope straightforward. Thanks Devon , sincerely appreciated I hope it saves my 212,000km Avensis.

Otherwise , strip and clean (over here €80 to clean , not too sure if mines got a cat as well, so add on the removal, refit and gasket charges ?)


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How did you get on with this car?

i have the same issue myself 

did u find the original fault 

I got the pm down to 0% but it’s up to 20% again after a 30 min drive

not sure what it should be


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Did you mange to solve your problem? 

Techstream is it easy to use?

and was it easy to regeneration dpf using the techstream?

Remember to check intake manifold, EGR, 5th injektor, MAF sensor. As these are know issue on toyota engines. 

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Hi I got two errors coming on my Toyota Avensis 2012 diesel car desk board. 1st Check VSC system and 2nd one is Check parking break System. I found error code p244b dpf block and Mr. T gave me quote of £2900 to replace DPF which I can’t afford . My car has 129k mileage. Can anyone help me how to fix p244b code please? Any possibility that if I go for dpf cleaning than any possibility that all those codes Check parking break system and check VSC system turn off ? Can anyone please Suggest solution for error code p244b please 

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