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Avensis Tourer 2012 Door Mirror


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Hi guys,

Someone has driven into the Avensis and wrecked the drivers door mirror.

Got a replacement aftermarket item but the LED does not function.

After receiving another with the same result I did a bit of digging and on their website "Trupart" only specify a mirror up until 12/2011 part number MM7738, our car made in 03/2012.

This is what I was sent and after that the next mirror starts at year 2015, so a weird 3 year gap with no mirror specified.

Does anyone know of any other aftermarket type suppliers?  Failing that it's breaker time.



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I have checked two sites - http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2014/avensis/adt270r-awfeyw/2_273560_009_530W/electrical/8106_side-turn-signal-lamp-outer-mirror-lamp#81730 http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_E_200812_TOYOTA_AVENSIS_ZRT271R-AWFEPW_8701.html

and ToyoDIY, and both give the same info and part no. 81730-05070 for drivers side LED from 0811-1505 (November 2008 to May 2015). 

Your car 'should' be covered from the first year of the Avensis build, so I assume the Trupart components either are not compatible or faulty. 

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