New Aygo, First Impressions/Questions...

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Ok, so the new Aygo was delivered yesterday (after some confusion on the part of the dealer). It’s a red X Play, with the MMT (auto). gearbox.First impressions are quite good, build quality seems to be better than some similar cars I’ve sat in, and it drives quite nicely. I was also very pleased to see an actuall spare wheel in he boot rather than an awful tyre inflation kit. It feels quite spacious too, although it looks tiny on the outside.

im sure there’s a lot I need to get used to, (eg lack of centre console armrest). In the mean time I do have a couple of questions that hopefully people can help out with.

Firstly, the stuff i’ve seem online seemed to indicate that the Aygo now comes with Apple CarPlay. However, it appears it’s only available on models above the X Play, and instead his is supposed to use something called AppinCar. However, I can’t even get this to work. Any ideas?

I can connect my iPhone using a USB lead or Blutooth, and play music that way, but using Tidal, or Amazon music, all I can do is skip, go back, pause and adjust volume.i can’t browse.

If I used iTunes and put music on my phone that way, would the normal Blutooth connection allow me to browse my music collection using the screen in the car?


Secondly, I have used the manual function on the MMT gearbox, and I like it, and can see what gear I’m in on the display. However, in “E”, the display just shows “E”. This is fine until I want to use the paddles to temporarily choose my own gear. How do I know what gear I’ll be changing to if I don’t know what gear it’s currently in? 

Example: I’m in “E” and I’m approaching a roundabout. It’s clear and being used to manual gearboxes, I know I’ll want to go through the roundabout in third gear. I could pull the paddle, but I might already be in third, and a change to second would not be appreciated. I know I could put the lever into manual and see what gear I’m in, but I was hoping that there would be some sort of indication of this whilst in “E”. 

So, is there some indication on the display that I’m not seeing, or am I better off just not bothering to temporarily manually override the gearbox?

Finally, and still to do with the gearbox, what position to people leave it in when parked up? I’m used to manual cars with lousy handbrakes, so it’s second nature for me to leave a car parked in gear, especially when on a hill. Autos normally have a “Park” position, but this MMT doesn’t. So, are we supposed to just trust the handbrake?

I know these aren’t exactly issues as such, just looking to get some tips on how to get the best out of the car really. Cheers.




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if your going to stop for a while then put the gearbox into N

if you stop in gear and keep the brake pressed your will wear the

clutch quickly as this is the same as stopping in a manual and

keeping your foot on the clutch pedal.

besides this just drive the car as you would any other

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I have an X play MMT 2017, so it isn't up to date with the current style Aygo. I connect my phone through bluetooth for answering any calls and playing music which is great. I still tend to use my phone for browsing music choice before setting off. 

I've found that even with driving in E I have got to know what gear Rosie is likely to be in so if I know I'm going downhill and I know she's probably in 4th gear I do sometimes override with the paddle to change down to 3rd as it helps with speed control without using the brakes too much. The rev counter helps a lot with knowing what gear she is in, the lower the revs the higher the gear.

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