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Toyotas Wanted


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Hi all.

I've only just joined the club, not sure why it's taken so long. I am an absolute Toyota enthusiast. I've currently got 3 old Corollas. A 1990 Gti-16, a 1991 GL saloon and a 1992 GL Hatchback.

I'm now after an additional 4 cars to add to the collection.

- ae101 Corolla GXI

- Corolla G6R

- Corolla TTE Compressor

- ma61 Celica Supra

I'd prefer all cars to be completely factory standard. Ideallly the corollas in black and the ma61 in manual.

Who can help?!


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On 12/22/2020 at 7:06 PM, Jinocraf35 said:

I am also interested in ae82. could you please share the vin if you still want to sell it?

that's very smart of you. can you share what vin decoder you use, please?

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Hi, f4lse.4l4rm, it's an ordinary vin decoder that you can find on the internet. Though it works good and has only updated info, so I can of course share its name - Vingurus. I think you know what it's for, like see the car's history: insurance, fees, accidents, model, year, vehicle mileage and so on.

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