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New Owner - TNS510 Query

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New owner here, and still getting used to some of the idiosyncrasies of the little IQ.

A job role change prompted me to move on from my beloved Ford Puma to something small, economical and with a decent NCAP-rating (for work reasons) – I think among the boring faceless hatchbacks available, the IQ stood out – but it is a bit of an unusual thing, lots of character and cleverly-designed with a specific function.  I think it’s oddity was one of the things that won me over actually.

One thing I’m struggling with a little is the factory-installed TNS510 system.  I’ve looked at a few threads on here already, but most seem to be issues with the actual Navigation side of the system.  My issue is with the audio/mp3 side of things (I don’t use the navigation system so wouldn’t know if it works correctly or not!).  One of the reasons I jumped at the chance to buy mine was that it had this system which would allow using USB Sticks for plaing MP3s.


In my old car I used an after-market audio system (from Halfords, so not exactly top-of-the-line) and a USB Stick with all my songs organised into various files.  As long as the folder didn’t go over 250 files/songs, all was great and the system found every folder and played all the songs.

In the TNS510 system I’ve found, even using the correctly compatible USB Sticks, that only up to 5 folders are found – and even then folders can disappear at random intervals on restarting the car.  I think very briefly I managed to get the system to find seven folders, but two disappeared the next time I ran the car. 

Does anyone know if this is something obvious that I’m doing wrong, or is 5 folders the maximum that can be read by TNS510?  It is also an odd thing that the system does not put the folders in any recognised list – even numbering them (ie. Folder 1, Folder 2, etc) has no impact on how they appear on the display.  It’s a bit frustrating that a (fairly cheap) Halfords-bought system worked perfectly in the Ford, but this (as I understand it – expensive) system seems to have some software weirdness.

One thing I have figured – using Robocopy means at least the songs play in the order I want them to, otherwise they are all over the place.


Apart from the, it’s a full thumps-up for the IQ.  Lovely little machine.

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