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Replacement front wishbone/control arm 2003 D4D - WARNING


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Our 2003 D4D (Japan built Mark 1 Yaris facelift) Yaris had advisories on front suspension bushes worn at MOT time.  So like a diligent mechanic, I decided to replace the ENTIRE  lower front wishbones. I did not buy bushes - been there, done that, a real PIA... Checked parts of front lower wishbone  on eBay, - Ebay  listing said they fitted. Emailed vendor with Reg No  and chassis number. Yes  they fitted. Ordered a pair.

Great service arrived next day, so I started on what I though would be the easier side: the driver's  (right according to nomenclature for parts- less spray and much less mud than passenger side. )


Err wrong. The nut fitted to the ball joint was corroded solid.. After some chisel work and much swearing released. 

The front pin through the inner bush fouled on the engine (it's a diesel) and the engine undertray. Removed 4  bolts holding side and part of front of undertray, bent it out of way..jacked up the engine (wooden blocks under undertray to jack and between engine and undertray  to avoid damage. ) Jacked up engine. Removed bolt.

The pin at the rear was not screwed  to a welded on nut  but to a washer/nut loose..  Removed OK.

Removing arm itself was a pia.. needed to use a piece of wood between arm and subframe  asa lever  (plus 2kg lump hammer) to remove inner bush  section of wishbone from housing in subframe.


Started reinstallation. Replaced arm at rear and fitted inner bush to mounting.. Bolted up rear. Middle bush? Jacked up engine again and tried to insert pin. No go. After some thought tried pin on other side new wishbone which was unfitted. Did not fit!!!

After some research discovered a design change with the Mark 1 facelift for some models - looks like D4D , Verso and Sport had a 14mm bolt rather than the original  ..12mm.   SO BEWARE AND CHECK if doing the job yourself.

Returned parts this am (free Paypal)


Pictures of  the 16 year old parts cracked rear bush and two pictures of  the inner bush with a 14mm  diameter.

So I






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i believe that I have the same issue. I have a Made in Japan Yaris 1.4 d4d on 2004/2005, Engine Type 1ND-P52A, which require wishbones. The local motor factors are struggling to narrow it down.

Could you please enlighten me, how you resolved the issue and If you located the correct wishbones for it



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