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Toyota auris 2.0d4d black smoke and white smoke


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Hi I have a 2006 toyota Auris 2.0d4d tr it struggles to start first thing in a morning and when it does start there is a big cloud of white smoke.

When the car is running whenever I put my foot down the amount of black and white smoke that comes out the exhausts is unreal to the point of the car behind flashing there lights any idea how to solve this.

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Your difficulty to start with the resultant white smoke is typical of worn out glow plugs. Just renew all of them and try again. Black smoke is unburnt diesel.

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  • Devon Aygo changed the title to Toyota auris 2.0d4d black smoke and white smoke

Also check for water in fuel,filter.

Other causes of white smoke include lack of compression, or water/coolant entering the combustion chamber. Black smoke indicates excess fuel is being injected into the combustion chamber and/or not enough air is present. This can be caused by worn/leaking injectors or restrictions in the air intake system.

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