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Badly scuffed Gray bumper/cladding.


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Ferrispedro, had a similar problem on the other corner, went to a local supplier of Automotive car paints, and they use either lots of colour swatches OR a portable colour scanner, and end up with a perfect match, ( as they’re doing it all the time and have good experience) he was able to supply a small amount of the required paint in a tin or aerosol can, from your location, I would try a couple of places in Ards on the Crawfordsburn Road, or Colin Adams in Mark street, happy hunting👍

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When you said Crawfordsburn Road I take it you were referring to North Down Motors, they moved years ago to an industrial Estate on the Comber Road. Colin Adams are usually reliable, they asked me to bring in the log book so as they can try for a match. How is life in the valleys? My son and I drove down to Cardiff in 2015 for the Rugby World Cup game against Argentina (should have stayed at home!) lol.   Peter.

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The paint has two paint codes

3Q3 Is the Red metallic

196 Is the Grey cladding

Both are available as either touch up pen or Aerosol from Toyota or local Automotive paint suppliers 

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Ok bit of a weird one then, your main (red) code is 3P1 however on Toyota list they show Rav in 3P1 as only being a single tone finish e.g red with black plastic unpainted trims and 3Q3 as being the two tone finish.

Thankfully Toyota only did the two tone option in 3 finishes:

1D4 Silver met

056 White ( USA only )

196 Grey met

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