Toyota Aygo Start up problem

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Hi all,


I have a 2009 model 1.0 petrol toyota aygo that will not start. The car has covered 59,000 miles. It was parked up for over a week, went to start the car and it wouldn't do anything. turned out there was an issue with the old varta Battery, so got it changed with a new one.

Anyways tried to start the car again, and nothing, it wont start, the doors, open, lights works, cd player is fine, i took the terminals off and did clean them, just in case.

The car does try to start when I turn the key with a car starting sound. 

Does anyone have any suggestions before I get it towed to toyota for a £80 diagnostic check? 

I am happy to check all the basics if someone can point me in the right direction. 

Thank you so much.


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Hi, sorry to hear your car won't start, does it at least sound as though its firing? (almost bursting into life or nothing) check the obvious, does it have fuel in the tank?

Are you using the key that has the remote for unlocking (that one has the transponder) does that key unlock/lock the doors remotely ok? If not then the Battery might be dead and that could prevent it starting


Im no mechanic just trying to help.....

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