Door panel removal front and rear

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I know there has been several post about how to remove the door panels. I struggle to find the right ones...

My Auris is the new 2016 model, and I need to replace all 4 Speakers.

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Toyota Tech webpage has one hour full techican doc access for 3€,maybe £3 then for UK. You also can save and download everything foryour own personal use.

Those docs have helped me couple of times, i can highly recommend.

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from the images i've seen of the 2016 model removal looks the same as the 2013 model

in the interior door handle flick open the screw cover and remove screw

lift up the door arm rest pad and remove then remove screw

lift up and remove window switch panel & disconnect wiring plug

from the bottom edge of door panel gently pull outwards and unclip

the door panel clips all round on 3 sides

lift door panel up and lift away from car by a few inches

on rear of the door panel there are 2 cables 1 to unlock / lock & 1 to open door

move the green & white fixing away from door panel and unclip the cable .

re fit in reverse

5 minutes work to remove



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