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Drivers door Actuator needed


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Good evening all,

My drivers door has stopped working on the central locking. I'm pretty sure that it is the actuator that has stopped working because I had the same problem on my passenger front dor last year. I managed to get a second hand one from a breaker and fitted it myself, which obviously saved me a fortune on buying at main dealer prices. Unfortunately, it took a huge amount of time and effort finding the part and after having two sent to me that were completely the wrong type, I nearly gave up trying to get one. I had to send the wrong ones back and had quite a bit of hassle sorting out refunds for the parts that were wrong (pretty sure they were from a previa).

Does anyone know where I can get a second hand Drivers door actuator for a 2003 ACR40? any help would be very much appreciated.

By the way, for anyone that was following my post about my very scratched and smeary windscreen. Just to give you an update. I tried everything that was suggested to clear the smearing but nothing worked. Obviously, I could not do anything about the scratches. I eventually contacted National Windscreens to ask for their advice and basically they told me I was wasting my time trying to sort it out and suggested a new windscreen (which of course they would do). Anyway, I did go ahead and ask them to give me a quote. They said that it would cost me £90 if I went through my insurance. I agreed to do this and 'Hey Presto', a lovely new windscreen, with no scratches and smear free. It was worth paying the £90 just to be able to see where I was going when it rains. Thanks anyway for all those who offered advice on that subject.

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