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Hi wonder if has experienced this and know what/ any cures would be. When I'm driving along temperature on the climate control sets so that both sides (ie passenger & driver) blow out say 20° for example. Once the car has reached full temperature on the gauge (half way) the driver's side starts to blow cool air and the passengers side remains at the correct set temperature (20°). If I up the temperature to 22° the driver's side then goes back to blowing warm air again. The heater hoses from the engine to the Matrix are both hot (as are the top & bottom hoses. Any had this problem??


Rich 😊😊

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Do you by any chance hear some strange clicking noises coming from the dash/under the dash area?

This sounds like the air mix servo on the driver's side is acting up. You can google this issue, it's quite common on Toyota's and you can look around to understand what it sounds like and what the little motor looks like. Basically over time it can't "stay" on a certain temperature.

I can drive an entire dry summer or typical winter with no problems but as soon as the rainy season hits and the air is very moist, my servo's start acting up and at temperatures from 18 to 22 degrees they're making the horrible little sound that drives me nuts.

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Hey Byzii,

No haven't heard any weird noises from the heater area. Had a look under the dash (on the Driver's side) whilst changing the temperature on the controls and the adjuster motor flickers whereas the passenger side moves from cold to hot in one smooth action. Granted the Driver's side is doing both sides rather than on the Dual settings. 

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