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Adding led spot lights


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I have tried adding a set of led spot lights

I have wired correctly through a fused relay 

but the led lights stay on ,

so I am assuming there is a small amount of power flowing through the live wires

which does not show up on a multimeter and is not enough to light a halogen lamp.

Has anyone overcome this problem or know a fix if possible please






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Assuming you have wired a switch to control the relay, with the switch in the off position, put the meter across the relay contacts (the supply and the lead to the lamps).  If you measure Battery volts, the relay is "off" (the contacts are open), and your led's are picking up power from elsewhere.  If you measure a small voltage or zero, the relay contacts are closed, and you should now disconnect one of the control wires from the relay and measure again.  If you get the same result, the relay is defective (contacts are permanently closed); if not, the control wires are keeping the relay on permanently, and you need to investigate whether the switch is defective (contacts always closed) or there is a short across it.

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