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Toyota Yaris 1.0 2003 spirit. (rear spoiler removal)


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Good Evening to everyone,


I have recently purchased a lovely little 2003 toyota yaris 1.0 with 80,000 genuine miles(sons 1st car), it hasnt been looked after very well in recent times, but is very very tidy overall in terms of bodywork and how it runs.


I have basically installed, new discs, pads, new thermostat, new anti freeze with flush of the entire system, repaired drivers side electric window(as someone put bigger Speakers in and everytime the window closed it hit the casing and eventually broke the plastic clip and metal runner(like it when purchased))new rear wheel bearing, new oil, oil filter, air filter , checked plugs, they're fine and finally today i bought a new , used tailgate for it as the rear demister was not working in so many places i decided on replacing the tailgate(found 1 on ebay(same colour) for a whole £40 and fairly local) went and purchased it(as i decided it was going to cost as much if i was to attempt repairing the contacts correctly and it would have been an ugly looking job) and it was very clean, realised that it didnt have the rear spoiler  on it, anyway, got it home and had to change out the wiring harnesses and lock etc etc, tried gingerly to remove the spoiler off the old tailgate and removed the 2 bolts that i could find holding it, now the bit i'm wondering about is that the 2 bolts looked as though they were there to hold it still whilst an adhesive set(tiny bolts) . Am i correct in assuming that this is correct and it is held on by some type of sealent/glue?. Does anyone know if it's possible to remove them and reinstall and what type of adhesive, epoxy or similar would i use?


Thanks in advance for anyone that has any idea or has tackled one before.


Cracking little car by the way, certainly doesnt feel like a 1 litre.

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On 1/11/2019 at 10:24 PM, Devon Aygo said:

Hi, @devon Aygo, Many thanks for responding with such awesome information. I actually spent around 2 hours on Saturday morning cutting and slicing through the bonding, they certainly put it on well lol. Managed to get it off with no damage and no scratches, not too bad a job if you take your time and be methodical with it. Going to use the old tailgate as a template for holes etc when drilling holes etc.

Again, many thanks.

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