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Wheel alignment, how often?


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Do you get your wheels aligned on a regular basis, or only if something feels wrong, or the car pulls to one side? 

My car has done 50.000 miles and I dont feel anything, but I wonder if the car/wheel would benefit from a alignment after so many miles? 

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if your car pulls to any side or just feels weird on bumps (on bumps for vertical suspension travel also goes side-to side), you need it.

Good to check it on every service, or every couple of months. Good for tire wear and also on slippery the car would be more stable on braking. Saves your bushings and generally the car will feel better to drive.

The car can go straight and the wheel straight even if the alignment is wrong - the side forces of left and right tires can cancel each other.

I check mine almost once a month... (check is free 🙂 )
Adjustment appears every 2 months... cca.

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7 hours ago, Notoyboy said:

It's decades since I had any alignment check.  I'd only consider it necessary if I'd hit a bad pothole, or there was some odd tyre wear pattern

I always get one when having new tyres fitted. A check is free & potentially could save wear.

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It depends how much you drive and how you drive, always good with new tyres if haven’t done one just before. If you are occasional driver and you drive les than a 10k per year once every 2 years its a good idea to check. Car can pull side to side from wrong tyre pressures or defective tyres too, but when the car is out of alignment you will feel it especially on speeds over 60mph . If in doubt I will get it check straight away. 

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