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£700 Avensis

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Hi all. First post here. Quick into. 

I'm Nick, 29 from Leicestershire. 

I have a mr2 under a b7sh in my garden awaiting restoration and I just bought a avensis for £700.

I'm here about the avensis for now. It's a 06 with 201000 miles on the clock, high I know but she seems to have been cared for well for most of her life. 

The handbrake and steering lock don't work and it has major lacquer peeling but appart from that it seems to be in fair condition for the mileage. 

Just wondering if you folks could point out a few things I should check with the age (no service history).

I am looking forward to owning this car and would love it if I can get another 50k out of it and that doesn't seem unreasonable by the looks of it. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hello and welcome to the club 😄

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