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Sat Nav installed by Toyota or use a TomTom (orphone!)


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9 hours ago, RelaxedDrive said:

Don't you worry about thieves leaving it connected permanently?  I am amazed it doesn't slide around either!

I take the TomTom off them mount when I leave the car, but yes there is a small risk that it will attract attention.  So far though, I've got away with it for at least 7 years.  On my Gen 3 Prius is used a sticky pad in the same place on the dash, with the mount permanently attached and connected.

At least the Gen 4 Prius has laminated side windows, so with the deadlocking and alarm going off it would be off-putting for a thief to hand around too long, but inconvenient if they did try.

1 hour ago, CallMeSteven said:

I'm afraid the battery only last around an hour

If that!  It really needs to be connected.  But apart from the security issue, it's very convention.  Dropping the TomTom onto the magnetic mount automatically starts it, and turning the car off or lifting it off the mount turns it off.

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9 hours ago, RelaxedDrive said:

...I am amazed it doesn't slide around either!...

Oh yes, and it is amazing - have never budged an inch not matter what.  It is quite heavy and the underside very tacky.

5 minutes ago, Catlover said:

...Primarily its a voice device, shouldnt need to look at the screen that often

I actually have the sound off, unless I'm in busy traffic in an unfamiliar area.  I glance at it quickly as I approach turns, which is easy in the location between the top of the steering wheel and the HUD.

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A vote here for the smartphone option. I use Here We Go app (used to be Nokia Maps) which allows download of the whole country map by WiFi then offline operation.

Easily transferred between vehicles, which is useful to me, also the route can be planned/discussed/argued over at home or in a café!

Since I use my phone as my no.1 music player, the relevant couple of cables are in my Corolla anyway. Voice directions cut in over the music

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On 1/15/2019 at 6:35 PM, Catlover said:

As others say, integration in the dash looks neat but it is said when an update comes out not only is it pricy, also it’s out of date somewhat.  Not tried all it’s features yet so can’t fully judge.

i have a TomTom, comes with free updates for the life of the software (as do other makes like Garmin), but you have to put up with a usb cable and a stand on the dash for the unit.

Go on eBay and search for stands/holders, There are bean bag type things that has some weight and won’t move except if violent braking etc. If you want to use a mobile phone as a sat Nav, there are small cradles to do the job.

SEarch for Brodit brackets.  They do brackets for just about every car and have ones thsat can be fitted to "A" pillars, or centre consoles. Not cheap but they are excellent and do not fail.

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I would agree with that last comment about Brodit cradles/brackets. Excellent devices. I have my Google Pixel 2XL sat in one every time I go out...

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