Avensis T27 (Tourer) Bike Rack

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I could really do with a bike rack for my T27 Tourer, for the kids 2 bikes (to save the game of Tetris I have to play each time I try to fit them in the boot!).

It's only about once every 4-6 week that it'll be used (so I suspect I can't justify purchasing roof bars, and the bits to go across, and the bike mounts - and I don't have a tow bar either so that option's out too).

Has anyone here had any luck with the generic, mount on the tailgate bike racks for an Avensis T27 tourer?

We have an Auris hatchback too, if that makes things any easier?

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Have you found any cheap (but safe) solutions yet. If you car has a tow bar fitted, there are good options. Just Google Avensis Mk3 estate bike carrier. 
The next option is one I found on eBay -

You could buy generic roof bars for cars without roof rails, then get the bike carriers for that. 

Remember not to obstruct the rear lights and number plate. You will need to factor in a solution for those!

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Hi. I have a 1.8 T27 Tourer with roof Bars. "Whispbar aluminium through bars - Whispbar aluminium through bars: "

These did cost about 150 quid a few years back. Sometimes gets deals. I also sometimes have a roof box on.

I then purchased 2 Thule Bike racks, and managed to get another 2 2nd hand. I now carry 4 bikes with ease.

Been to France last year with 4 bikes. 2 Trek Adult bikes, 1 Giant Adult bike, 1 Childs Bike. all aluminium Frames but still total weight of about 60Kg.

I was worried the 1.8 Engine would struggle would all of us but in all honesty if you used the Valvematic Engine to its full it is ok and will pull well. It handles perfectly  and I almost forgot they where there. Only problem is fuel economy around 33 MPG and the EPB did not like the weight at times.


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