Rav4 2.2 D4D 150 PS 2011 - Questions!

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Hello dear community,

I'm from Germany and my English is not the best. I apologize!
I drive a Toyota Rav4 2.2 D4D with 150 from year of construction 2011.
Where I bought the car, I was thrilled, but so lazy it goes. I want to explain it to you.
One reads on the Internet many horror stories about the 2AD-FTV engine. What's wrong with that?
Were there any problems with the engine? When were you fixed? What changes have been made? Especially after 2010 there was another damage to the cylinder head gasket?
Do users have experience here?

I already have the "new" AGR version, but is it really doing any good? Apart from that it was deactivated by the tuner! New AGR version is the same new cylinder head version or improved?

Furthermore, I would be interested in whether noises are normal when driving? It is a whine and occurs from 45 - 60km / h. Toyota tells me everything fine and normal. All oils have been changed, axle oils, gear Oil and everything that goes with it.

There are certainly many questions, but maybe there is someone who has experience in this regard.

The engine was, so far as I know, built in Poland.

Opinions really differ as far as this engine is concerned.

Here is a link on various homepages, which report on the engine.



I understand that you can read a lot, but what can you believe?

Many thanks for your help!!!


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Hello Jacky

Since the engine was modified around 2010 there has not been many reports of problems with them. The items modified are the pistons and rings, head gasket and the EGR. 

What is the problem you are having? 

Is it lack of power  or 

is it increase in fuel consumption  

how many kilometres has your car covered.




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Hello Keith,

Thank you very much for the reply:-)
I observed the following:

- he needs a little engine Oil 0.5l / 10000km.
- a whine and occurs from 45 - 60km / h
- EGR valve was after just 70,000km only slightly sooty, no large residues

Now the car has run 84.000km. Diesel consumption is at 8.7l / 100km with winter tires 225 65 R17 at current -7 degrees 🙂

Power loss, the engine has absolutely no! Fueled is B0 - Diesel (WITHOUT BIO - WITHOUT FAME!)

So far everything seems to be okay, but I'm thinking because the engine has no good reputation!

Thank you


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