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Miles Driven Since Last Service?


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Hi. Quick question...

Maintenance schedule booklet incomplete. Is it possible to see how many miles done since last service via the dashboard on a Gen 3 facelift?

Did a bit of a Google search for this answer, but can't find anything. Only how to reset the service reminder.

FYI, service reminder is not currently active on dashboard.

Help much appreciated.


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Thanks for the replies.

For clarity, it's not available via the dashboard in that case if I have to contact a dealership or website?

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7 hours ago, Heidfirst said:

Have you checked on MyToyota to see if the service history is available online (this assumes always serviced within Toyota dealer network)?

I have not. I was hoping that the car's own memory would store such information.

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1 hour ago, BobbyMcLeish said:

Also, any helpful dealer will print off a copy of the cars service history, if you prove you are the owner.

The car has not been dealership serviced, so likely they wouldn't hold that information.

I was hoping the car would save the last service reset in its memory somewhere that was accessible from the dashboard.

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