Fault codes for d4d 2005

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Anyone have any idea what the fault codes for the heater/AC mean?

I've got 21 and 24 

Blower isn't working at all but heat does come through the vents just really really slow.

I've checked all fuses and used contact cleaner on just about every relay and plug.

I can hear the relay click when I turn the blower on and off.

The engine also revs by a 1000 rpm when I turn the heater on and holds until I turn it off .

Any help would be fantastic


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Codes 21 and 24 are A/C sunlight sensor codes. They are normal to display if you perform your A/C unit diagnostic in poor light condition, they are not related to your blower issue.

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As ents mentioned, 21 and 24 are for sunlight/solar sensors and I don't think pre-facelift Avensis have those.

If you can hear the relay click, if the fuse is okay, and if the connectors to the blower motor look good, then it looks like your motor died.

The strange thing about these motors is that no one manufactures them except Toyota, but their failure is quite common. Either a new one or a used one.

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