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Hi guys,

I've just bought my car and have a friend who is really into modification who has been urging me to invest in strut braces. I am aware of a strut braces purpose and do think they make an engine bay a bit nicer but I would like to know the benefit in my model, I've seen mixed reviews, does anyone have an experience with this.

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The mixed reviews you've read are likely due to the fact that a lot of cheap strut braces are no more than decorative trinkets and offer nowhere near enough rigidity to provide any significant benefit. Of course, a properly performing strut brace will add rigidity to assist in maintaining optimal camber angle and suspension geometry. Unfortunately, for me at least, there was no magical night and day difference with/without.

On an older car that's seen some miles, adding some rigidity is never a bad thing. However, any benefits you'd likely gain will almost certainly be negated by the next weakest link in the chain eg: worn suspension bushings, worn shocks, inadequate anti-roll bars, worn/misaligned tires/suspension etc.

I would make sure everything else is in good shape before spending any money on strut braces.


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Thanks for the response mate, appreciate the explanation! So I get your meaning, what are the ball parks for cheap and expensive then? I've seen some £50 front braces made of aircraft ally which I know can't be that beneficial and £200 undisclosed material (super flat and flimsy looking though) but then ive seen £60 mild steel one's about too that made a bit more sense. Any chance of telling me what's what? 

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